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Occurs on Saturday July 30 2022

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Door Community Auditorium
3926 Hwy 42
Fish Creek WI 54212

Event Notes

× Date: Saturday, July 30, 2022 | Time: 8 p.m. | Tickets: $48 / 65 / 75

Keillor & Company is an evening of stand-up, storytelling, audience song, and poetry starring Garrison Keillor and featuring pianist Dan Chouinard and vocalist Prudence Johnson. There are sung sonnets, limericks, and musical jokes, all tied together with the same thread: the beauty of growing old. There is the News from Lake Wobegon, a town booming with new entrepreneurs, makers of artisanal firewood and gourmet meatloaf, breeders of composting worms, and dogs trained to do childcare. And there is an a cappella audience sing-along, with the audience singing from memory an odd medley of patriotic songs, pop standards, and hymns, ending with the national anthem. Chouinard and Johnson lend their prodigious talents to an evening that is, at its heart, classic Garrison Keillor.

“His shows can, for a couple of hours, transform an audience of even so-called coastal elites into a small-town community with an intimacy only radio and its podcast descendants can achieve.” – LA Times


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